Feb 25 2021


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Webinar: Management of Psychosis in Primary Care Settings Part 1: Medical Management of Psychosis

Dr. Lydia Chwastiak will present at the UW Psychiatry and Addictions Case Conference series (UW PACC), hosted by the Northwest MHTTC.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the 5 principles that guide evidence-based safe antipsychotic prescribing
2. Know the recommended first-line medications for treatment of psychosis
3. Identify two changes they can make in current practice to mitigate the metabolic risk among their patients who are treated with antipsychotic medications

Webinar Description:

UW PACC sessions take place Thursdays from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. PT. Any community providers (physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and mental health professionals) in Washington State are welcome to join the weekly teleconference.

The UW Psychiatry and Addictions Case Conference series (UW PACC) is a free, weekly teleconference that connects Washington community providers with UW Medicine psychiatrists and addictions experts. This series includes both an educational presentation on an addictions or psychiatry topic and case presentations where providers who participate receive feedback and recommendations for their patients.
Modeled after the University of New Mexico’s Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes), the three main aims of UW PACC are:

  • – Train the fellows to deliver a regional peer learning and support network for treating mental health and addictions across the state of Washington
  • –  Expand the mental health and addictions care capacity of health care professionals in remote, underserved areas of Washington
  • – Offer telehealth resource support to build the confidence and skills of providers who care for patients with mental and behavioral health conditions


Registration is currently open.


Photo of Lydia Chwastiak

Lydia A. Chwastiak, M.D., MPH, is a Co-Director of the Northwest MHTTC and a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at University of Washington.  She is an internal medicine physician and psychiatrist. Over the past 15 years, her clinical and research interests have focused on the intersection of chronic medical illness and serious mental illness. Her clinical work involves integrated care models for patients with schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders in both primary care and community mental health settings.  She has conducted health services research that has investigated the prevalence, impact and costs of cardiovascular disease among veterans with serious mental illness. More recently, she has adapted and implemented evidence-based integrated care models for low resource settings in the US and in Southeast Asia. Dr. Chwastiak’s current projects include developing and testing a community mental health center-based team approach to treating poorly controlled type 2 diabetes among outpatients with schizophrenia.


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