Jennifer Blank, Dr. Sarah Kopelovich, and Trez Buckland presented on Psychosis REACH, a training for families and caregivers of loved ones with psychosis, at the Washington Behavioral Healthcare Conference on June 16th. This presentation provided an overview of the new training model, presented preliminary data on Psychosis REACH’s impact, and discussed the recently developed Family Ambassador role! You can access a recording of this presentation by clicking here.

Additionally, Dr. Maria Monroe-DeVita, alongside collogues Becky Daughtry with the Washington State Healthcare Authority and New Journeys Program Director Cammie Perretta with Behavioral Health Resources, presented an overview of initiatives, policy, resources, and services in Washington state to address the needs of individuals and families experiencing early psychosis. This included an overview of several SPIRIT Lab initiatives including Psychosis REACH, the Family Ambassador and Family Bridger programs, and the Central Assessment of Psychosis Service.

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