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Psychosis is different for every person, and only the person experiencing it is the expert in their own experiences. Similarly, important people in their life, such as family, partners, or friends, may bring their own expertise based on lived experience in how best to support their loved one.

While evidence-based treatments with a trained mental health professional can be very helpful for people who experience distress from their symptoms of psychosis, a lot of research has recently focused on tapping into the power that someone experiencing psychosis and the important people in their life have in shaping recovery. Below you’ll find a list of resources based on this research:

Resources for Caregivers, Loved Ones, and Other Supports

If someone in your life has experienced psychosis, the following resources may help you in understanding their experiences, in supporting them, or in improving your communication with them:

Resources for Individuals Who Experience Psychosis

If you have experienced or are currently experiencing psychosis, there are a number of resources listed below that may help provide education, teach useful skills for managing any distressing experiences, and connect you with larger networks of people who have also experienced psychosis:

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