The SPIRIT Lab is thrilled to announce that we have officially added a new member, Helen “Trez” Buckland, to our Psychosis REACH Training team! Trez has been part of Psychosis REACH since our inaugural and in-person training in WA state in 2019. She was a member of our first Psychosis REACH Family Ambassador (pRFA) cohort and has been leading pRFA groups with family members across the country since. Trez has continued to contribute greatly to our pRFA groups and the p-REACH live events. As a member of the SPIRIT Lab, Trez will largely be assisting in the development and refinement of our Psychosis REACH Family Ambassador training program. She will also be assisting us in bringing Psychosis REACH and the pRFA model to other states! Her experience and expertise has and will continue to be invaluable in increasing access to Psychosis REACH, and we are so excited to OFFICIALLY welcome her to our team! 
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