CBTp Trainings

The University of Washington SPIRIT Lab offers a number of different trainings in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for psychosis (CBTp) and CBTp-informed care, including open-enrollment trainings and agency-wide implementations. To learn more about different training options, please see the list below.

Open-enrollment training in CBTp WITHOUT follow-up

The CBTp Training Academy in the SPIRIT Lab offers virtual and in-person workshops in CBTp and CBTp-informed care to mental health professionals across the country. These trainings do not require that the clinical setting is participating in a formal implementation of CBTp. Rather, open enrollment trainings are designed to allow individual practitioners to learn more about how CBTp can enhance care and outcomes for their clients with psychosis. Currently, we offer open-enrollment trainings oriented toward psychiatric care providers as well as introductory and advanced workshops for a broader range of mental health providers. In addition to live workshop trainings, we offer a range of asynchronous distance learning opportunities, so practitioners can learn at their own pace at times that are convenient for them.

Click here to learn about open-enrollment workshops and on-demand distance learning opportunities.

CBTp Implementation

The SPIRIT Lab CBTp Training academy partners with state and agency administrators to engage in systematic implementation of CBTp within and across healthcare settings. We offer a range of options that can be customized to your needs, constraints, and objectives. If you are interest in adding CBT for psychosis to the menu of treatment options for your clients with psychotic disorders, we encourage you to complete our CBTp Intake Form. The intake form helps us get a snapshot of the characteristics of your setting. Based on research establishing important considerations for organizational readiness to adopt a new evidence-based treatment (EBT), this intake process helps us ensure that your setting is set up for success in making and sustaining CBTp.

Past Issues of CBTp Provider Network Newsletters

CBTp Stepped Care Implementation for Community Mental Health Agencies in Washington State

With dedicated funding from the Washington State Health Care Authority, the SPIRIT Lab provides training and technical assistance to public behavioral health settings across Washington State to adopt and sustain CBTp Stepped Care. Learn more about this effort here. We welcome large healthcare settings and state mental health administrators to reach out to our team at CBTecho@uw.edu to learn more about CBTp-Stepped Care.

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