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Victoria Shepard

Research Coordinator


Victoria is a research coordinator in the SPIRIT Lab, under the supervision of Dr. Sarah Kopelovich. She coordinates phase two of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training Study, a randomized controlled trial to evaluate CBTpro, a digital clinician support tool that leverages conversational Artificial Intelligence to train and provide feedback to mental health practitioners learning skills in CBT for psychosis (CBTp). She also coordinates the Psychosis REACH (Recovery by Enabling Adults Carers at Home) program which utilizes skills from CBTp to help caregivers better care for and support their loved ones with psychotic disorders.

Prior to beginning the position as a research coordinator with the lab, she attended the University of Washington and majored with a B.S in psychology and a minor in Spanish. She worked as a research assistant in the Center for the Study of Health and Risk Behaviors (CSHRB) under the supervision of Dr. Brittney Hultgren in the YARD study examining daily health behaviors, substance use, and transportation habits among young adults in WA state.

Victoria has a broad research interest in psychotic, mood, and personality disorders. She plans on applying to clinical psychology Ph.D programs with a focus in adapting evidence-based models of care to improve cognitive and psychosocial functioning of individuals with or at risk of developing psychosis in forensic settings, along with a dedicated focus on supporting their families. 

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